The Christian Montessori Training Center (CMTC) was founded in 2014 in conjunction with Bethany Global University in Bloomington, MN, USA and Hand In Hand Christian Montessori, in Roseville, MN and Lab Campus in Bloomington, MN.

The CMTC grew out of an identified need by Christian leaders to bring an effective educational methodology to children living in at risk areas of the world – specifically bringing the Gospel of Christ to “where the church is not.” This is a way to equip individuals preparing for a missionary career with tools and skills they will use to meet the educational and spiritual needs of the communities in which they will serve. Research has shown that while Montessori is one of the most sought after forms of educating young children, the dearth of trained teachers in Montessori is significant.  There are currently no accredited Christian Montessori training centers available for students.  We hope to both pioneer this unique path for all who are seeking Christian Montessori training as we become a leader in this field.